Former New Jersey Assemblyman Vince Polistina made it official, live on-the-air during today’s “Hurley in the Morning” program on WPG Talk Radio 95.5.

Polistina is officially a candidate for the New Jersey State Senate, District 2.

Support for Polistina poured in immediately upon his announcement, for example, Hamilton Township Mayor Charles Cain publicly offered his “unconditional support to Polistina.”

Former State Senator Sonny McCullough has also predicted that Polistina will defeat Guardian for The Republican Nomination.

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The Republican County Committee Members have the ultimate say. Properly respecting and courting them is imperative to be successful.

We also broke the news first last night that former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian has switched his bid from the New Jersey General Assembly to the Senate.

Polistina served in the New Jersey General Assembly, District 2 from 2008-2012. Polistina has run previously for State Senate, when he waged a very respectable campaign against then Senator Jim Whelan in 2013.

Polistina is a former Assembly Deputy Minority Leader.

Polistina was a lock to win re-election to his Assembly seat, but, he took one for the team and was willing to face Whelan.

Polistina has previously served as a member of the Atlantic County Republican Campaign Committee and as Chairman of the Atlantic County Republican Finance Committee.

Polistina is Atlantic County’s most prodigious fundraiser, which is of paramount importance when going up against the vaunted Camden County money machine.

Polistina served on the assembly health and senior services committee and the regulatory oversight and gaming committee.

Polistina earned his B.S. in Bio-environmental Engineering from Rutgers University in 1993. He is the owner and operator of Polistina and Associates, an engineering firm founded by him in 2003.

Some of Polistina’s stated goals are to:

1. Unite the Atlantic County Republican.

2. Earn the support of each Atlantic County Committee Member.

3. Help develop and form the strongest general election slate of candidates.

4. Raise the required money necessary to be competitive and win in November.

5. Provide excellence in service, along with good, accessible government to the citizen taxpayers of Atlantic County.

Polistina confirmed his official candidacy during the final minute of this morning’s program.

Polistina was highly energized and enthusiastic about his candidacy and he confirmed that his wife Carolyn was 100 percent on board.

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