It's like a chicken got hooked on steroids.

The mystery surrounding this video is as immense as the excess weight the bird that stars in it is carrying. He's a chicken that is so large he defies everything you knew about farm life since you started singing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."

This chicken is so downright enormous he looks like he's either been genetically modified or is actually a toy and no one could spot the compartment that holds the 9-volt batteries needed to make him run.

This buff chicken looks like he hits the gym two times a day, seven days a week and then powers down with a protein shake. Yes, this fowl is so mammoth there are wolves who might think twice before talking trash to it.

Usually, the phrase "large chicken" should also have a sequence of words like "in my 10-piece bucket" attached to it, but not this time. He's a marvel and you just know you're going to end up glued to your screen watching him over and over.

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