Let me start with the fact that Lead Pastor Tim Chambers and The Fresh Start Church of Egg Harbor Township are awesome.

They have been honorably and faithfully trying to bring their parishioners safely back to church since the Coronavirus pandemic struck.

I had a great on-air interview with Pastor Tim recently. He detailed all of the comprehensive plans that they have developed, which comply with social distancing, proper disinfection protocols and numerous other safeguards.

Still, they’ve not been able to achieve their faithful goal of reestablishing church services.

Pastor Tim hinted on-air (without giving specifics) that he had an exciting plan to resume weekend Church services.

I have learned and confirmed that Fresh Start Church has obtained approval from the (former) Shore Mall to use their parking lot.

This would have allowed for creative and safe drive-in church services.

However, they have been thwarted yet again. This time at the hands of the Egg Harbor Township government, who will not approve their permit.

Mayor Paul Hodson continues to be a disappointment. The Egg Harbor Township Committee could easily have demonstrated just a little bit of courage and done the right thing.

Come to think of it, what courage would these local elected officials have had to demonstrate?

I interviewed Northfield City Councilman Jim O’Neill this morning who said on-air that he would vote to approve a request such as this one.

I have also confirmed that the Fresh Start Church has provided all the information to the township that is required to obtain the required permit to legally assemble.

At every turn our churches are being met with unnecessary obstacles and resistance.

If big box stores, food chains and other establishments have been able to remain open throughout, how/why is it that churches have been forced to stay shut down?

It’s not right. It’s also quite unconstitutional.

This must change soon. Our society is presently dealing with divorce, domestic violence, alcohol, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, depression and other maladies.

All of the things that going to church helps people to work out their problems.

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