Galloway Township, New Jersey Superintendent of Public Schools, Dr. Annette C. Giaquinto is pushing back forcefully following the disclosure of a report that concluded that 92% of Atlantic County schools' drinking water contains lead.

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Dr. Giaquinto released an unambiguous public statement and rebuke regarding the matter.

She stated, "As a District, we take the health, safety, and welfare, of our students and staff very seriously."

According to the statement, the information was taken from an old report from 2017, which does not include the steps that the school district has already taken to rectify nor the plan for another round of testing.

Dr. Giaquinto reiterated, "To be perfectly clear, the District's drinking water facilities available to, and used by, students and staff meet all health and safety standards."

The press release went further to express that the news that has been circulating is damaging whether or not the outlet, "...was either knowingly misleading or communicated with reckless disregard for the truth."

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