Al Capone was one of the most notorious gangsters in American history.

But, did you know that Capone once lived in New Jersey?

To be accurate, the home was not in his name. Capone bought it through an associate of Nucky Johnson, which also gives this story a direct Atlantic City angle, too.

Nucky Johnson was the notorious crime boss of Atlantic City and the subject of the hit HBO television series “Boardwalk Empire,” based off retired New Jersey Superior Court Judge Nelson Johnson’s book of the same title.

Nucky Johnson is buried in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey at the Zion Cemetery. Johnson lived from 1883 to 1968.

The New Jersey home, brokered by Johnson, served as Capone’s hideaway for about one year, beginning in 1927. He hid out there until he was arrested on gun charges.

The property was known as “Valley House,” located in Berlin, New Jersey.

It was the perfect hideaway, as it was hidden from the road and located at the very end of a long, private driveway.

It was also tree-lined, which gave it plenty of seclusion, which afforded Capone the opportunity lay low and avoid attention.

It was a spacious property when Capone owned it, as it sat on more than 36 acres, located directly next to the Pine Valley Golf Club.

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Here is a photo of Capone’s home.

The house is beautiful, according to, it includes:

  • main house more than 6,000 square feet.
  • guest house of 2,400 square feet.
  • five full bathrooms.
  • two half baths.
  • game room.
  • three fireplaces.
  • heated pool and a hot tub.
  • seven car garage.
  • tennis court.

Here are some more photos of this still spectacular home.

The expression, “If walls could talk,” certainly appears to apply here. Imagine the discussions held by Capone in this home.

Capone was notable and quotable during his life and times. Here was one of his many expressions:

Al Capone Quotes via Facebook.
Al Capone Quotes via Facebook.

Here is Capone’s Alcatraz mug shot:

Al Capone Quotes via Facebook.
Al Capone Quotes via Facebook.

So, there you have it. There was a time when Al Capone lived in New Jersey and the Atlantic City crime boss of that era made the deal that brought Capone to New Jersey.

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