The most famous Atlantic City gangster and political boss of them all, Nucky Johnson ate here regularly!

It was originally founded in 1912 by then Atlantic City Mayor William Riddle, The Commodore Louis Kuehnle, and their key cronies as an exclusive men's drinking and dining club.

There was a second floor, with a separate “ladies lounge" … as women were not permitted at the bar. Women waited there to be summoned.

Additionally, private rooms were located on the third and fourth floors for illegal gambling.

During prohibition, this establishment ignored the alcohol-free laws that were in effect nationwide from 1920-1933. The booze flowed freely and openly.

The Legendary Latz Family took ownership in 1927 and turned the iconic bar into what is now The Hearth Room.

Under The Latz’ ownership, it went from a private club to a restaurant that was now opened to the public.

It became The Knife and Fork Inn as we know it.

During the challenges of The Great Depression, Milton and Evelyn Latz moved their family into the third and fourth floors of the restaurant. They lived on premises for several decades.

Milton and Evelyn managed the Knife and Fork until the time of Milton’s death in 1948.

Next, came the Mack and Jim Latz era. They were the sons of Milton and Evelyn.

Everyone knew it (as it was an open secret) and by 1985, Mack and Jim couldn’t get along and Jim left the family business.

Mack Latz kept the restaurant going until 1997, when it actually closed while Mack was seeking a buyer for the restaurant.

In 1999, Mack’s son Andrew re-opened the restaurant under a lease agreement with his Father.

A happy ending did ultimately occur, when Mack and Jim reconciled and “celebrated Mack's 90th birthday together at the Knife & Fork surrounded by friends and family,” according to the Knife and Fork Inn website.

In January of 2005, Frank Dougherty and Family purchased The Knife and Fork Inn. They have successfully operated it to this very day.

The Dougherty Family embarked upon an extensive renovation on both the exterior and interior of the restaurant.

The Dougherty Family has successfully restored this iconic restaurant to its Prohibition era greatness.

The demand for this restaurant remains high, and the quality of product and service is outstanding.

I love the unique design of this fabulous structure. I took this photo (see directly below) earlier this year. Directly below the photo are two great photo galleries at feature cell phone photos of their favorite meals, taken by readers and listeners and more photos of great meals that are available in the Atlantic City area at various wonderful restaurants.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

Bon appétit.

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