A soon-to-be released Governor Murphy executive order will allow the following to resume:

The return of contact drills, practices and competitions to resume for what Murphy calls high-risk sports such as football, boxing, mixed martial arts and cheerleading.

This is a big deal in terms of returning our society to some assemblance of normalcy.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has confirmed a major education issue that many parents have been waiting to learn.

Today, Governor Murphy has confirmed that if a family prefers, they can choose to continue with remote learning.

We have done interviews with Bob Garguilo, Superintendent of Public Schools, Cape May City and West Cape May school districts ... on an every other Monday basis since the very beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We have been discussing this issue for months.

This is the absolute right decision by Governor Murphy. Many, probably at least half of all families do not feel safe returning to in-house schooling this September.

As such, most schools will have to plan for in-house and remote learning structures to start the upcoming school year. Stay close to WPG Talk Radio 95.5 and

We’ll be keeping you apprised of the latest news and information going forward.

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