On this Valentine's Day, a survey done by the NJ Dept. of Health might make you develop a kissing aversion.

When surveyed, 29% of people in New Jersey did not visit a dentist for at least an entire year.

If this skeeves you out, it gets even worse in some parts of the state.

Hudson County had the highest rate of dental neglect at 35.8%. Cumberland and Salem Counties saw 33% of their residents not seeing a dentist for at least a year. Hunterdon County took the best care of their teeth, but even there 19.9% of folks didn't go.

Now before ladies get all judgy as my wife would call it, not so fast. Women were just as often neglecting to see a dentist as men.

Is it entirely surprising though? I think this has less to do with poor hygiene and bad habits and more to do with New Jersey being incredibly expensive, busy, and lacking decent insurance.

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