Hamilton Township Mayor Charles Cain is very excited about a new collaborative project that is in the early stages of development.

The Hamilton Township Committee and the local executive and public schools branches are committed to transforming the former Duberson School into a state-of-the-art academy for the performing arts.

“Growing up in Hamilton and attending school at Duberson, the building has always been more than bricks to me,” said Mayor Cain.

”Now is the time to bring back the memories and return it to its former glory and more. This is an exciting addition to the other great plans we have for our beloved downtown. Stay tuned Hamilton, there’s much more to come,” said Cain.

The Cain Family have lived in Hamilton Township for eight (8) generations. Their passion and strong commitment runs deep.

Mayor Cain has confirmed the details for the establishment of a fully registered, 501 (c) 3, not-for-profit local organization, which will focus on art and music.

It will be formally organized as the Mays Landing Arts
and Culture Association.

It will have a performing arts academy for students and
professionals, including art, film, poetry, music and more.

It will be multi-purpose in nature, with a stated goal of including and a full service restaurant, where they will strive to offer roof top dining.

In a social media post on Mayor Cain’s page, he said:

"We fully understand that to get this right the first time, this effort must include a long list of partners. This is a feel-good community project that will enhance our
downtown with new art and culture, and further reverberate in a positive manner throughout
the state,” said Cain.

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The Mays Landing Arts and Culture Association will take the lead in what is being hailed as a bipartisan effort, with each Township Committee Member taking an active role, and the project will have as many as 30 Trustees.

"The vision is there, and we have a great initial team that is ready to get to work. This will be quite a messy art project; but one worthwhile for our community," said Judy Link.

The Township Committee has also received the complete “buy-in” from the chief public schools and township executives.

"We truly welcome this vision a as way to not only rehabilitate our historic school, but also as a
way to bring arts and culture into our downtown through
community partnerships," said Superintendent of
Schools, Dr. Jeffery Zito.

"Our job as local government officials is to provide for an
environment in which businesses and community
thrive. The rehabilitation of the Duberson School through a local arts agency will be a catalyst for such." said
Township Administrator Joseph Kostecki.

The Mays Landing Arts and Culture Association has announced that they have “a few vacant Trustee and volunteer positions.”

If you are a resident or own a business in Hamilton Township, and would like to become a part of this project, you can contact Judy Link or Erin Crean
at mayslandingartsandculture@gmail.com

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