This is my first release for the 2020 General Election cycle regarding the electoral college analysis of Trump vs. Biden for The Presidency.

As of this moment (Saturday, October 24, 2020), I have it Trump 270 vs. Biden 268. That’s the bare minimum that you need to win The Presidency.

It’s important for me to note that I went state-by-state without keeping a tally. I forecasted a winner of each state. At the end, I added up the electoral votes.



It couldn’t be closer. This is because we presently live in Bizarro World. In reality, this race shouldn’t be close. But, we can’t make things the way we want or wish them to be.

We have to accept them the way that they are. COVID-19 has turned what would have been a certain re-election mandate for President Donald Trump into a very competitive election.

As I see it now, if the election was held today, President Trump would win by the narrowest margin possible.

In my assumptions, I’ve given Biden The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and it’s pivotal 20 electoral votes.

However, Pennsylvania can still easily still fall into the Trump column; especially with Biden’s enormous second debate disaster when he promised to end the use of fossil fuels in America.

Trump became the first Republican in decades to win Pennsylvania in 2016.

Michigan appears to be gone for Trump. This represents 16 electoral votes that Trump won in 2016 by a whisker.

I think Wisconsin (10 electoral votes) are also gone for Trump.

I’ve given President Trump North Carolina and it’s 15 electoral votes. North Carolina may turn out to be a photo finish.

If President Trump wins Florida (29), Ohio (18) and Pennsylvania (20), the race is over and President Trump will win a comfortable re-election for a second term.

If Trump loses Pennsylvania, he must win Florida and Ohio to win a second term.

FUN FACT: No Republican has ever won The Presidency without winning Ohio. President John F. Kennedy is the only candidate to win, without winning Ohio.

Yes, Ohio makes Presidents.

More than 54 million Americans have already voted.

Despite what the wildly pro-Biden national media reports every day, President Trump has many more paths to 270 electoral votes than Biden does.

Biden will win the popular vote, powered by California, New York, Illinois and other densely populated Blue States.

Trump will win many more total states.

I’ll continue to update this over the next 10 days.

REMINDER: I was one of only a handful that correctly predicted that President Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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