WPG Talk Radio 1450 is proud to announce that Harry Hurley will be returning to the air Monday morning following a severe bout of laryngitis.

A few days ago, Harry has this to say on Facebook:

I'm making progress regarding a bad bout of laryngitis that hit me out of no where. It is viral in nature, not voice strain at all. I'm hoping to return on-air this Monday, February 22, 2016. My thanks and appreciation to so many great people who have reached out to me this week. With thanks and appreciation.

Harry has been resting all week and will return Monday morning with a jam-packed line-up of guests and topics including nothing but your calls at 6AM, Todd Starnes from FOX News Channel at 7:00, former Assemblyman Kirk Conover at 7:15 with the latest on the South Carolina GOP and Nevada Democratic primary elections, Ken Mosca and Atlantic City Electric at 8:00, and The Auto Plaza radio program with Mayor Charles Cain at 9:00.

Monday evening, be sure to join Harry for February's installment of Ask The Congressman with Rep. Frank LoBiondo!

For those of you that called and even stopped by the station to inquire about Harry's well-being this week, we thank you!