The "merits" of so-called "Bridgegate" is playing out in warp speed as partisan Democrats at the local, county, state and national level conspire to do everything that they can to attach it directly to Governor Chris Christie.

This is despite the fact that Christie has forthrightly denied it and has never changed his story once in all of these relentless weeks of purely partisan attack.

Let me submit to you incontrovertible evidence that this is a political circus stunt to attempt to hurt Governor Christie here as Governor of New Jersey and try to derail his chance to be the next President of The United States.

Following Governor Christie's nearly 2-hour long press conference, whereby he literally wore-out the state and national mainstream media, which finally ended their political feeding frenzy when they couldn't think of another question or follow-up.

The whole matter started to rightly die down.

Then, out of no where, here comes Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, with some "Dear Diary" accusation about Governor Christie's Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno threatening her that unless she supported a Hoboken development project, that Hoboken would lose federal Superstorm Sandy relief dollars.

The official record confirms that Hoboken received both a timely and significant amount of federal relief dollars. Shortly after Zimmer's accusations, a lawyer came forward and confirmed that under oath in a different case, Zimmer had provided sworn testimony that she has never kept a diary, journal or a written record of any kind. However, suddenly she has a detailed spiral notebook journal with specific entries all about Christie and Guadagno?

So, this rightfully has died down, again.

Then, out of no where, United States Congressman Frank Pallone snookered CNN that there was a federal investigation into Sandy Relief funds. This was a blatant lie. There was no federal investigation into sandy relief funds and how they've been spent. But, that didn't stop the New Jersey and National media from running wild with this bogus allegation.

This scam died down.

Then, on the Friday before Super Bowl Sunday the New York Times dropped a hit piece, with a completely factually inaccurate headline that they immediately revised because it was not true. The letter from David Wildstein attorney (Alan Zegas) ambiguously asserts that Governor Christie knew in advance about George Washington Bridge lane slow down scheme.

The only problem with this allegation is that the letter does not say that at all. In fact, the letter basically supports Governor Christie's version of these events.

However, that's not the way the media spun it. They went hyper sonic over it. The "Christie knew" maniacs gleefully ran hog wild with it.

This was purely to ruin the Super Bowl for Governor Christie, during a time where he should have been able to shine across the nation as host Governor ... they had other ideas ... to smear him on the eve of the game. The Democratic National Committee even took to creating a critical Christie football-themed online advertisement.

It's all a part of their coordinated effort to try and destroy Christie. Can you remember the last time you've seen someone come under such a coordinated, systematic daily and relentless attack?

So, you can see ... every time this matter dies down ... the liberal partisans are going to stoke the fire and whenever possible, dose it with gasoline.

This is all about trying to destroy Christie here and nationally.

If our various state and national media members would commit 1/1000th of the energy to hold Barack Obama accountable for Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, and the literally dozens of other serious scandals ... we might actually be able to find out how distinguished Americans have been killed and otherwise significantly retaliated against by the Obama Administration.

Any flimsy negative allegation about Christie creates market saturation level, 24-7 hysterical media coverage. For example, last week the three major news networks devoted more than 30 minutes of national network coverage to Christie and the George Washington Bridge issue. This is disproportionate to reality by any standard of measure.

Of course, during these same newscasts, the networks devoted basically no time to any of the myriad of Obama scandals.

The biggest headlines of the week should have been New Jersey Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who is co-leading the probe telling NBC's Meet The Press, that "nothing yet implicates the Governor directly. We don't have any proof right now that the Governor said, go and close the lanes."

This is a real blockbuster, yet, because it reflects well upon Governor Christie ... the media is not even reporting that this admission by Wisniewski happened. NBC is not even reporting that this occurred, even though it happened on their own television network.

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