When I first learned about an upcoming rally in support of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, La’Quetta Small and Constance Says-Chapman … the first word that came to mind was chutzpah.

It’s a word of late 19th century origin that means audacity, also described as rude or disrespectful behavior; impudence.

The so-called support rally is set for Tuesday, April 9, 2024 at the Atlantic City Civil Rights Garden.

Here are all of the details;

Shermaine Gunter-Gary Photo via Facebook.
Shermaine Gunter-Gary Photo via Facebook.

When I saw the list of clergy and other prominent figures, I immediately thought that they will all be on the wrong side of history in the not too distant future.

The rush to judgment with some that law enforcement is somehow wrong here is a big mistake in my view.

To the credit of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office, there have been no public leaks whatsoever.

They successfully conducted a series of 5 search warrants at the residence of the incumbent Mayor of Atlantic City and no one knew in advance that it was going to happen.

It was all business and nothing about race or politics.

Even Edwin Jacobs, Small’s criminal defense attorney publicly stated that this is not about race or politics.

Small couldn’t help himself and contradicted Jacobs moments later. However, in terms of credibility, Jacobs words trump Small each and every time.

Sources at Atlantic City Hall have told us that Small was shocked that he didn’t get tipped-off about the raid of his home in advance.

The word inside Atlantic City Hall is that Small is said to not be pleased with James Sarkos, Atlantic City Chief of Police.

Small believes that Sarkos should have tipped him off. Of course, that would have been illegal and morally wrong, too … even if Sarkos knew about the search warrants in advance … which he likely didn’t.

There was no local, state or federal involvement. This was a total Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office operation.

You can’t get any answers right now from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. It’s never been buttoned down tighter. As it should be.

I am hopeful this gets a name all of its own one day. Like “Operation Broken Boards” did in the past.

Thursday, March 28, 2024 may go down as a very significant day in Atlantic City history.

SOURCES: Atlantic City government contacts.

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