In time for Valentine’s Day, we will be publishing an article about the best bed and breakfasts in Cape May, New Jersey for a romantic getaway.

Cape May is a wonderful town, that our family loves to visit often, during all four seasons.

You can have a wonderful “staycation,” while feeling like you traveled to a faraway place.

Here is our initial list only. With your help, we will add to our list this weekend. Go to my Harry Hurley Facebook Page and write your submission in the comment section of our post.

1. Queen Victoria
2. The Harrison Inn (on Columbia)
3. The Mainstay
4. The Mason Cottage
5. Peter Shields Inn
6. Wilbraham Mansion (technically West Cape May)
7. Angel of the Sea
8. Saltwood House
9. Dormer House
10. Luther Ogden Inn
11. Beauclaire’s

Sadly, Cape May has lost many wonderful bed & breakfasts over the past 15 years, when the 7 percent room tax was implemented and with the dramatic rise in real estate property valuation.

It has significantly and negatively affected the bed & breakfast, business model.

Here’s an example of a few great ones lost over the past several years:

  • Mission Inn
  • John Wesley
  • Humphrey Hughes

The Albert Stevens Inn in West Cape May and others have become whole-house rentals, which also depletes the bed and breakfast industry.

The charm of a Cape May bed & breakfast experience is incomparable.

If you never have … Give it a try. You’ll love it.

We’re looking forward to receiving your submissions today and tomorrow.

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