TRENTON — The new year will begin with huge jackpots for both the Powerball and Mega Millions games.

No ticket matched all six numbers including the Power ball, which means the jackpot will grow to an annuity jackpot of $440 million with a cash value of $278.3 million for the next drawing on Wednesday. The annuity jackpot would be the eleventh largest jackpot offered in American lottery history.

The Powerball numbers drawn on Saturday were: 28-36-41-51-58, Powerball: 24, Power Play: 2.

One ticket sold in New Jersey matched five numbers, which was good for a $1 million prize, while another ticket matching four numbers and the Power ball was worth $50,000, according to the Powerball website.

The Powerball has gone 20 drawings without a jackpot winner.

“We encourage everyone to check their tickets. There are prizes at many levels so matching just the Powerball number can claim a prize. New Jersey Lottery players have one year from the draw date to claim a ticket.” NJ Lottery Carole Hedinger said in a statement.

Heddinger said adding a Power Play onto their ticket purchase for an additional dollar multiplies the prize amounts by up to five times.

The New Jersey Lottery has had seven jackpot winning tickets for six draws since adding Powerball in January 2010. Two NJ tickets received a share of one jackpot in August, 2013.

New Jersey’s most recent win was on May 7, 2016 when the Smith Family won $429.6 million with a cash value of $284 million.

The Mega Millions jackpot has an annuity value of $343 million with a cash value of $215 million. There has not been a winner since October 13.

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