What year is it all over again?

Guess Who’s iTunes # 1 After 40 and 50 Years?

Over the past weekend, Queen’s Greatest Hits went to number 1 on iTunes. Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” is number 2.

This rolls back “Peabody and Sherman’s Wayback Machine” to 1981 and 1971, respectively.

Here’s a link to Roger Friedman’s Showbiz411.com coverage of this phenomenon.

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Friedman writes about being 16 years old in 1973 and “I’m trying to imagine music from 1923 and 1933 suddenly being popular. And I can’t,” wrote Friedman.

And, it doesn’t stop with Queen and Joni Mitchell.

Joni Mitchell - Getty Images
Joni Mitchell - Getty Images

ABBA, Journey, and Fleetwood Mac are also in the top 50. But HER Music’s first album, released last week, is a dud. And, according to Friedman, it shouldn’t be. Go figure.

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We’ve seen this throughout our lifetime when “old” becomes “new,” again.

Americans are largely nostalgic. We think back to when we were younger.

Some say that music can be the window to the soul.

I love the band Chicago, The Beatles, America, and many more who started their careers in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

When I hear a song that I like from 40 years ago, it takes me back in time. You think about what you were doing at that time.

It also clearly demonstrates how fast life goes by and that it’s not a dress rehearsal. We get one chance in this life and it’s incumbent upon us to make it count and make the most of it.

I spoke with Tom Cantone, the corporate level President of Sports and Entertainment at MGE (Mohegan Sun).

“Music is a magical time machine that can instantly transfer us into another place in time that we loved more than now because we lived it's meaning and treasure it as the best time of our lives,” said Cantone.

“For me the 60's was the most creative time for music. It gave birth to The Beatles who revolutionized all that came after,” said Cantone.

Most likely, Cantone has booked more music and entertainment acts over the past 40 years then any other person living or dead.

Cantone is the author of Book ‘Em.

Here’s one more back to the future reality. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Greatest Hits is number 14. It’s been in the top 10 for weeks. So have four of their  singles.

It just may be that we are currently living in a time warp.

Old is New, again. Don’t fight it. Just go with it.

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