The weather forecast for the Garden State will stay pleasant for a couple more days, even as humidity and temperatures increase.

Yes, a slow return to more summer-ish weather is ahead for this week. However, the heat and humidity are only temporary this time around.

An impressively large and strong area of high pressure has been in control of New Jersey's weather so far this week. That high pressure, combined with ridiculously dry air, has led to cool mornings and comfortably warm, sunny afternoons.

But some changes are afoot. As said high pressure system shifts off-shore, humidity will start to creep upwards and temperatures will slowly warm through the rest of the week.

So while Tuesday's highs were in the upper 70s to lower 80s, Wednesday's high temperatures are expected to reach the lower to mid 80s statewide. We'll still enjoy mostly sunny skies, and it will still be a nice day. And, once again, the sea breeze will keep the Jersey Shore a bit cooler, in the neighborhood of 80 degrees Wednesday afternoon.

I think the refreshed humidity will make itself even more apparent Wednesday night, as we miss out on widespread 50s. Thermometers will still bottom out in the lower to mid 60s. Another night of comfortable sleeping weather.

The warming trend continues on Thursday, as highs bump into the mid to upper 80s, under partly sunny skies. It will be more humid too, with dew points climbing into the 60s (at least).

As a cold front approaches late Thursday into early Friday, a few showers and thunderstorms will be possible. It's important to note, however, that this frontal passage is probably going to be mostly dry for New Jersey. Even if you see rain later this week, I suspect it's going to be very light. Models are showing no more than 0.10" outside of any heavy downpours.

Friday is the one hiccup in an otherwise beautiful, comfy forecast. High temperatures will push into the lower 90s for most of New Jersey - even the coast may be very close to the 90-degree mark. With even higher humidity, the heat index ("feels like" temperature) will approach 100 degrees. Definitely a hot, humid, sticky, steamy summer day.

But Friday's heat and humidity will be short-lived. The aforementioned cold front will start to be felt over the weekend, as humidity drops down a notch and temperatures cool slightly. Forecast high temperatures on Saturday are in the mid 80s, with lower 80s expected for Sunday. Along with these pleasant temperatures, this final weekend of August should feature dry weather and mostly to partly sunny skies.

Early next week looks dry and pleasant too, with highs hovering in the lower to mid 80s. There are no major storm systems on the horizon, although we continue to monitor the tropics carefully for future development of the yet unnamed tropical disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean.

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