Pivotal moment.

5:00 PM deadline today for Frank M. Gilliam, Jr., and Atlantic City to submit the application to renew the federal SAFER (fire) grant.

I have learned that the required paperwork has been completed at the local level, but it needs to be submitted by 5:00 PM tonight (Friday).

Well placed sources have advised me that the state is taking the position that they need city approval. The city is saying that they need state approval.

Quit the nonsense. Do your job. This grant provides approximately $20 million per year for three years.

If they let this federal grant lapse, anyone involved should be removed from office.

The Atlantic City Fire Department needs this in order to provide the proper level of fire safety protection for the residents and visitors of Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Council President Marty Small, Sr., did his part. He obtained a unanimous city council vote of support for this grant. However, this is ultimately an executive branch decision with the advice and consent of the state.

Where is Governor Chris Christie when we need him?

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