I received a text message from a prominent Republican. It read, “Vince Mazzeo is out?”

I texted back, “That’s news to me. I just received an invitation to his upcoming Mazzeo Meatball Fundraiser within the past hour.”

I had not heard a whisper that Mazzeo was considering not running for re-election.

So, I telephoned Assemblyman Mazzeo and we had a very polite and frank discussion.

Mazzeo advised me that there had been wide-spread speculation that he might run for Atlantic County Executive. He ruled that out as it is a full time job and he has a family-owned business to run.

On the issue of whether or not Mazzeo will run for re-election to the New Jersey General Assembly, Mazzeo told me right now the odds of him running are 50-50.

Mazzeo indicates that his fellow Assemblyman in District 2, John Armato, will be seeking re-Election.

The Democrats better hope that Mazzeo runs again. He’s their biggest vote-getter. Without him in the race, the Republicans (especially with Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson on the ballot) have an excellent chance to win one or both seats.

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