... However, it’s time to start living again, because the science says so.


Last Thursday, May 13, 2021, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued definitive guidance, which appeared to end the wearing of face masks for the fully vaccinated (both indoors and outdoors).

The definition of fully vaccinated are those Americans who have taken either both vaccine shots (Pfizer & Moderna), or, the one shot J&J vaccine (two weeks following the shot(s).

As it turns out, The CDC was as clear as mud.

Some are following the new CDC guidelines. Others are not.

This past Saturday, Disney World ended the requirement to wear face masks while outside. They are requiring the wearing of a face mask while indoors, except while actively eating or drinking.

We spent last week in Disney World. We left the day before face mask wearing rule was relaxed. It was a fabulous week.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has issued what may be his last COVID-19 emergency executive order (for up to 30 more days).

Governor Murphy has kept the previous requirements in place for now, saying “we’re not there, yet.”

The Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. This is only my hunch ... but, I believe that Governor Murphy will take major action (of some kind) in advance of this important holiday weekend.

I say this because I truly believe that Governor Murphy is doing what he believes is right in order to protect the health and well being of New Jerseyans ... while also understanding that COVID-19 cannot be allowed to crush business and industry for a second consecutive Memorial Day weekend.

It also now becomes next to impossible to go against the CDC guidelines, when a more than 15-month mantra has been to “follow the science.”

The “science” is loudly speaking at this time. It’s time to start living again.

For the public to have confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine, we must trust it.

In order to show that “we” trust it, we must act that way. It’s intellectually dishonest to promote that the vaccines work, while keeping draconian restrictions in effect.

These departures from civil liberties and suspensions of other normal American freedoms were necessary only because of a highly contagious and potentially deadly disease was raging, with no vaccine available.

This is no longer the case.

Not lost on anyone, this is also an election year for Governor Murphy and all members of the New Jersey Legislature.

Before long, it will become intolerable to keep the state of New Jersey in such a tightly restrictive philosophy of governance.

There will simply be no justification left to defend it.

During the entire length and breadth of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have supported and worked closely with Governor Murphy.

This has agitated some, which was never my intention. I felt (and, still feel) that it was a moral imperative to be supportive and unconditionally work with our Governor.

Along the way, we’ve also become trusted friends.

We were living in the most challenging circumstances of our lifetime. We’ve all faced head-on, a once in more than 100 years pandemic. People were getting sick. Some were dying. Some still are.

If ever there was a time to suspend partisan politics, this was it.

Now, with this same level of unconditional cooperation, we must work together to end the restrictions. They are ruining people and their life’s work. It’s costing our state untold revenue.

Big events are waiting to be staged.

We must return the quality of life that our citizens have forfeited for the past almost 1 1/2 years.

If we do this right, it will also encourage more Americans to get vaccinated.

Let’s get started right away. There’s no time left to delay.

NOTE: We can do big things, again. For example, Tom Cantone, Corporate President, Sports & Entertainment, Mohegan Sun Gaming staged the NBA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony this past Saturday (at The Mohegan Sun Arena). Michael Jordan and countless NBA icons attended.

The star-studded event was broadcast live on ESPN, The Worldwide Sports Network.

Cantone is embarking upon holding 10,000 person mega concert events.

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