All responsible Americans have done the right thing.

We’ve unambiguously condemned the senseless, indefensible murder of George Floyd.

A serious conversation is under way. You’re going to see positive changes.

For example, it is my hope that police choke holds, or, any other use of force techniques that could lead to unnecessary death should be discontinued at the earliest possible time.

However, the present condemnation of all police officers is unacceptable and a dangerous overreaction.

The crazy talk of defunding, disbanding or dismantling police departments is absurd. All serious office holders and candidates seeking elective office are against this unworkable idea.

Why? Because they know that it’s just plain nuts.

The current insanity is now leading to a radical effort to remove the following from American society:

  • Police television programs, “Cops” and “Live PD.”
  • The Academy Award winning movie “Gone With The Wind.”
  • Confederate statues.
  • Rename iconic military bases, currently named after Confederate soldiers.

Even attacking the popular children’s television program, The Paw Patrol is not out of bounds.

Radicals have taken over six blocks in Seattle, Washington, and incredulously believe that they are ruling their own country named CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone).

The Frank Rizzo statue and mural.

The madness goes on and on.

Chick-Fil-A actually apologized for a year 2015 photo. A staff person was wearing a shirt that had the words “Back The Blue” imprinted on the back.

If these words were in support of police officers, what’s wrong with that?

However, Chick-Fil-A was actually lending their support to a local football team more than five years ago.

I’m all for a proper national discussion to make sure that we do everything possible in America to end racial discrimination, along with all forms of injustice.

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