Former Atlantic City Republican Party Chairman Mark Padulla has filed a Tort Claim notice against Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, both as Mayor and Guardian individually.

A tort claim notice must be filed before anyone can legally bring about a lawsuit against the government seeking damages.

Guardian and Padulla had a spirited on-air exchange on Hurley in the Morning on WPG Talk Radio 104.1.

Guardian was taking listener, resident, and taxpayer phone calls in the run-up to the recent past general election.

Padulla called-in to an interview that I was conducting with Guardian. Guardian proceeded to blast Padulla with a series of insults and allegations, even asking Padulla on-air if he was gay.

I have also confirmed that it is Padulla’s intention to sue Atlantic City for Guardian’s actions and also sue Guardian personally.

It remains to be seen if incoming Mayor Frank Frank M. Gilliam Jr. will indemnify Guardian.

Listen to the exchange here...

“Hurley in the Morning” will have a major exclusive about this tomorrow morning (Thursday, December 28, 2017) at 7:35 AM on WPG Talk Radio 104.1 FM, 1450 AM, and on our WPG Talk Radio app.


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