Before we proceed further, let me be clear ... this report is total speculation on my part, based upon simply combing through some available public records.

This Monday, the Hamilton Township Committee will go into executive session to discuss the position of Business  Administrator. I saw this item listed in the public meeting agenda.

When the Township Committee Members emerge, I am forecasting that they will hire former long-time Egg Harbor Township Business Administrator Peter Miller as their new Interim Business Administrator.

Here’s why.

Miller is highly qualified.

He served for decades in neighboring Egg Harbor Township; which has a similar overall landscape and is uniquely comparable in terms of scope of the overall  responsibilities.

Additionally, I’ve long held the position that most people who retire, yearn for a challenge not long after retiring.

This is a perfect opportunity for Miller, because the position would be for a limited amount of time and he knows the required duties like the back of his hand.

It’s a “win win” for both parties.

Miller has a full grasp of the strangling Pinelands legislation, CAFRA, redevelopment matters and all other key issues that affect a growth district township.

This move would also take a lot of heat off of the Township Committee, with the unexpected departure of Arch Liston.

The Hamilton Township Committee will now be able to take the proper amount of time to search for the right person to fill this critical position.

Afterall, this is the chief day-to-day operating executive for the Township.

This appears to be a logical solution to fill a temporary, but, critical void.

For all of these reasons, I think that Peter Miller is coming to Hamilton Township very soon.

We should know how all of this turns out this Monday night.

I will report back to you right here.

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