Creepy clown mania has struck America. Stories of people dressed as frightening-looking clowns, scaring unsuspecting victims, are all over the news lately.

Although most of cases seem like little more than juvenile pranks, these days you can't be too careful, right?

Or, can you be too careful?

One of the latest creepy clown incidents happened this week in Lower Township, where police have charged an 11-year-old girl after she sent another girl a threat with a photo of a clown’s face attached via text, according to a police press release.

That's right, the girl being charged is 11-years old.

While I can't speak to the girl's specific threat, which wasn't released, I do know that the charges from this childhood prank will now become a part of her permanent record.

The girl has been charged on juvenile complaints with terroristic threats, a third degree crime, and harassment, a disorderly persons offense.

Again, this girl is 11-years-old.

Are all those very serious charges really necessary? Undoubtedly, I am a little more sensitive to this story as the parent of 10-year-old girls who make their share of childish mistakes, but was there no other way of dealing with this girl's mistake? How about sitting down with her and explaining why this was such a bad idea.

To me, even scarier than a creepy clown, is the idea of having to go though the legal process of defending your daughter against these very adult charges while she is still a child.

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