It is so obvious that Chris Christie is not really running for President of The United States.

He appears to be auditioning for a future with MSNBC, CNN, or one of the other alphabet ultra liberal networks.

What serious Republican candidate regularly criticizes the leading candidate and the vast majority of all Republican voters?

How can you win the game by undermining your own team? With Christie, he clearly does not stand with a majority of Republicans.

Christie has pursued a bizarre, fringe candidacy and campaign strategy that ends in his humiliating defeat and no viable future in Republican politics.

Therefore, he’s not a serious candidate. Instead, he’s running for other purposes of his choosing.

For reasons known only to him, Christie made a decision to cross the Rubicon and stake a position that only ensures his own, embarrassing defeat.

Christie reverted back to his losing ways, just like when he was defeated from his County Board of Chosen Freeholders position after serving just one (3-year) term.

Then, just as now, Christie “blew-up” his own game. It is one thing to run honorably and lose. What’s the real reason for Christie’s so-called campaign?

A liberal network gig? A well paid position on a Trump-hating national board? There’s a lot of both slots available for disloyal Republicans … who the Democrats are glad to use for their benefit.

It is now inconceivable that Christie could ever run again as a Republican for any significant office.

Democrats don’t really want him either and simply are displaying him now as their useful idiot.

Christie will soon be a man exiled to his own political island, with other disgruntled Republicans like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol, Adam Kinzinger and the other Trump deranged former successful Republicans.

Christie’s own political demise actually came in 2012 when he was afraid to run against Barack Obama for President.

We’ll never know for sure, because you can’t definitively prove a hypothetical … however, I have always believed that this was Christie’s high water mark in electoral politics.

I believe that Christie could have won the Republican Nomination and he could have made Obama an unsuccessful one term President.

Christie’s latest embarrassing performance came yesterday at the Florida GOP Freedom Summit. All of the remaining Republican candidates for President attended.

The moment that Chris Christie took to the stage, he was relentlessly booed, more unpopular than a Batman villain.

The crowd booed and jeered and yelled for Christie to get off of the stage before he even started.

Christie lost it, telling the crowd that 'Your Anger Against The Truth Is Reprehensible” … as though he alone possesses ownership of “the truth.”

Yes, the losing Freeholder Chris Christie strategy strikes, again!

Does a serious candidate who wants to win votes next say this to the voters of his own political party?

Yeah, well, now it feels like home. Thank you all very much. Let me let me first thank the chairman and everyone here. Yeah, look. They were a shock here for Trump. I'm going to fall over dead. Now, look. Now, look, every one of those boos, every one of those catcalls, every one of those yells will not keeping. Yes, sure will not solve. One problem we face in this country will not stop and will and will not and will not make this country better. Your anger, your anger, your anger against the truth is reprehensible. When you think about the problems, when you think about the problems that our country and this world is facing, when you think about that, this type of pettiness, this type of pettiness is beneath. Beneath the process of electing a president. And and as people and as people watch today.

As people watch today, if your arguments are so strong, if your arguments are so great and mine are so bad, then just keep quiet. Let me make my awful arguments and then you can just reject them out of hand.

But the problem is the problem is the problem is you fear the truth.

The real truth is that absolutely no one fears Christie’s so-called truth. They despise him and the transparent, hollow, fake candidacy that he’s trying to sell … that no one wants to buy.

Christie missed his window of opportunity in 2012 by his own choice. What might have been is now lost and Christie has been making bad decisions ever since.

Chris Christie will soon leave the 2023 race in humiliating defeat and the next time you will see him … he’ll be trashing the 2024 Republican Nominee President Donald Trump on various Democrat news channels.

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