This is a story that may make some people queasy.  However, the point of this article is to educate, and eliminate some fallacies about snakes in New Jersey.

Ask someone who fears snakes why they fear them, and the response is likely to be less than rational.

So first, let's address the big misunderstanding about snakes in our state:

  • Our woods and lakes are not filled with venomous snakes ready to bite you or squeeze you to death.
  • NJ is home to 22 different species of snakes.  Of those, only two are venomous.
  • The only two species of venomous snakes in New Jersey are the Timber Rattler and the Northern Copperhead.
  • You are highly unlikely to encounter either venomous snake, as both are endangered and near extinction.

I'm not likely to convince you not to fear snakes, but at least you'll be less scared.

Common Garter Snake Alan Gorney via Facebook
Common Garter Snake
Alan Gorney via Facebook

The good news, is that here in New Jersey, we don't have any snake-infested lakes, per se.  There are lake areas in our states where you can encounter snakes.

3 lakes where you have the best chance to see snakes are:

  • Lake Hopatcong- Garter Snakes, and Milk Snakes
  • Manasquan Reservoir- Milk Snake, Ring Snake, Black Racer and Northern Water Snake.
  • Ramapo Lake- Nothern Water Snake.
Milk Snake ReptileHQ via YouTube
Milk Snake
ReptileHQ via YouTube

It's not likely that a snake will swim up to you, but it shouldn't surprise you to see them sunning on rocks along the water.  When walking around the lake, pay attention to where you're walking.

Black Racer The Wild Report Via YouTube
Black Racer
The Wild Report Via YouTube

Snakes fear humans as much as humans fear snakes.  A snake would rather slither away than meet you.

Finally, and this is important, admire these snakes from a distance.  Many of these snakes are very cool to see, but they are wild and unless you are trained in handling wildlife, it's best to leave them alone.

The Most Snake-Infested Lakes in New Jersey - AZ Animals (

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