When you think of Jay Leno, you think of a fairly conservative man.

Would it surprise you to learn that Leno recently climbed out from the nose of an airplane, while in flight, traveling at 147 miles per-hour?

And, oh, by the way, Leno was not wearing a tether.

There’s proof. Here’s a link to the footage, posted on screenwriter and podcaster Spike Feresten's Instagram account … it shows Leno popping out of the nose a Grumman HU-16 Albatross airplane flying over the Pacific Ocean, People noted.

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I’m long-time fan of Leno. I know of his love of cars and all of that.

I was shocked that Leno actually did this stunt.

Leno was calm, cool and collected. He gives the pilots the thumb’s up sign and then pretends to claw his way up towards the windshield.

He then calmly lowers himself back into the open nose of the plane.

Leno spoke about the daring stunt during yesterday’s episode of "Spike's Car Radio" podcast, Leno confirmed that it was a "real airplane" flying through the sky and not fake.

I still can’t believe that Leno did this.

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