Memories in Margate, the dance club owned by legendary Philadelphia/South Jersey radio/TV personality Jerry Blavat, is officially for sale.

Memories had been the summertime home of "The Geator with the Heater" and "The Boss with the Hot Sauce" since 1972.

A message posted Sunday by Blavat's longtime partner Keely Stahl acknowledged that Memories in Margate is on the market. She hopes the club could host a memorial for Blavat before the sale is finalized.

The future of Memories had been a source of widespread speculation in Margate since Blavat's death at 82 in January from myasthenia gravis, a condition that causes weakness in the skeletal muscles.

Memories, a seasonal nightclub no Amherst Avenue in Margate, had been the home for Blavat's live dance radio show in South Jersey over the years, with the Geator continuing to spin the records much of the time and entertain guests right up until last summer.

In the online statement, Stahl said she would like to use tapes of Blavat's radio broadcasts from Memories to "recreate the legendary spirit and vibe of Memories in Margate and outer beloved Geator for you all".

What does the future hold for the Memories in the Margate location? Keely Stahl is making her wish clear.

Yes, you will see a FOR SALE sign on the door of Memories, and yer, it is officially on the market. Best case scenario would be, as Jerry wished, for it to continue as the kind of club he ran for people to enjoy the kind of music he played and create new memories"

As of early Monday, May 1, there was no "For Sale" sign on the door at Memories in Margate.

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