It’s an all Republican Party “political civil war” between New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina and Atlantic County GOP Chairman Don Purdy versus Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson.

Some thought the political disagreement had quieted, however, Levinson decided to strike back hard against Polistina and Purdy earlier this week.

Levinson should have just let sleeping dogs lie, because the controversy appeared to be going away. Instead, he decided to reignite it.

The issue involves the awarding of an insurance contract in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

As it turns out, in 2014 a so-called independent insurance commission was established and provided full and absolute authority to award contracts such as this property casualty one.

The Atlantic County Board of Chosen Freeholders gave away its ultimate authority, which is ridiculous and suspicious.

The furthest they should have gone was to establish a board that can make recommendations to the legislative branch to ultimately decide.

I have been shown the digital communication between Levinson and Purdy.

There is no doubt that Levinson confirmed in writing that the low bidder would be awarded the contract.

However, much to Polistina and Purdy’s surprise, the independent Atlantic County Insurance Commission was preparing to award the insurance contract to the highest bidder.

Polistina and Purdy blew the whistle on-air with us on the day that the insurance commission was prepared to take action.

Polistina and Purdy caused the Atlantic County insurance commission to stop and take a different approach. The commission announced that they would interview each of the applicants before making a decision.

A novel approach.

I have obtained a copy of the Polistina and Purdy joint statement. Here it is in its entirety:

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

The facts support Polistina and Purdy. Levinson gave them his word and was prepared to break it.

My faith in Levinson as the finest county executive in the state of New Jersey remains unshaken.

Polistina and Purdy are in the right here.

It’s a shame when politics gets in the way of friendships and strong collegial relationships.

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