Police all over the state were given his information and were keeping their eyes peeled for the whereabouts of a Lakewood man wanted for trying to lure a 16-year old girl.

Then on Sunday, Lakewood Police announced that after a two week search, 40-year-old Julia Anchia of Lakewood turned himself at headquarters.

The incident under investigation occurred on March 31 when the victim told police that a man kept asking for her to perform sexual acts in his vehicle, which was driving around the Highpoint Condominium Complex.

Unbeknownst to him, she was recording the conversation and it was used as evidence in the investigation.

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"The victim, who’s was not only smart enough to refuse his advances, thought quickly enough to surreptitiously record the suspect on her phone as he became more and more insistent that she give into his demands," Lakewood Police said in a statement.

As Lakewood Police investigated they were tipped off of Anchia's identity but when a Detective went to his home, he wasn't there.

Lakewood Police said they exhausted several leads on his possible whereabouts even putting his name into a statewide database just in case another law enforcement agency saw him.

While that was going on, Lakewood Police got criminal charges for Anchia approved by the Ocean County Prosecutors Office.

Anchia was arrested after turning himself in Sunday and is charged with 2nd Degree Attempted Luring, 2nd Attempted Sexual Assault and 3rd Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

He remains in the Ocean County Jail


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