Larry Storch passed away on July 8, 2022, at 99 1/2 years old.

Wow, Larry would have turned 100 years old, yesterday on January 8, 2023.

He died (after midnight) on 7/8/22 of natural causes. Here is the official announcement on his Facebook page.

I had the absolute pleasure to meet Larry for several years in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He was well into his 90’s at the time.

Storch was vibrant and sharp in every way. He moved around like someone 20 years younger than he actually was.

Storch was a kind gentleman, who couldn’t have been nicer.

He was dressed as the iconic Corporal Randolph Agarn from the popular television series “F Troop.”

“F Troop” first aired in the United States on September 14, 1965, and ended its first series run on April 6, 1967, with a total of 65 episodes.

“F Troop” has continued to run to this very day in syndication.

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Storch effortlessly went in and out of character during our time together.

My twin brother Don and I spent about 15 minutes with Storch. During our time together, Larry recorded a nice tagline for our “Hurley in the Morning,” radio program, whereby he gave the listening public “orders” to listen to our program.

Storch became an honorary Passaic, New Jersey citizen and helped to put Passaic on the map, by using his fame to bring attention to this New Jersey city.

Storch semi-retired at age 93, but, continued to make public appearances to meet and greet his fans.

Storch’s media credits are numerous, including:

  • Sonny and Cher Show
  • Laugh-In
  • Hollywood Squares
  • Playboy After Dark
  • The Hollywood Palace
  • The Ed Sullivan Show
  • The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson
  • The Steve Allen Show

In 1953, Jackie Gleason personally asked Storch to fill in for him, while he took the summer off. This led to the creation of The Larry Storch television program.

During The Great Depression, Storch dropped out of High School and pursued a modest career as a comedian, making $ 12 per week.

He attended DeWitt Clinton High School, with Don Adams. They remained life-long friends.

Storch did great voiceover work on The Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon and other programs.

Storch served in the United States Navy during World War II along with Tony Curtis. Storch was the first to voice Batman's nemesis, The Joker.

Storch was also a talented Impressionist, who could do hundreds of impersonations.

He was a very talented and funny man.

SOURCES: Interview with Larry Storch and Larry Storch Facebook page.

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