News reports about sharks occur with great regularity. Whether it be about shark sightings or shark attacks.

It got me thinking … when and where was the last unprovoked shark attack in New Jersey?

As it turns out, unprovoked shark attacks worldwide are quite rare.

According to a May, 2023 report from the University of Florida, there were only 41 unprovoked shark attacks last year, worldwide.

The University of Florida data states that the last unprovoked shark attack in New Jersey took place off of the coast of Ventnor in 2017.

Although a Fox 29 Philadelphia report details (on May 23, 2023), what officials believe was a shark bite to the foot area of a girl from Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

According to the report:

“Maggie Drozdowski, 15, said she was surfing with a friend off the beach near 109th Street in Stone Harbor when she felt something wrap around her foot and try to tug her under.”

Maggie told Fox News Philadelphia that:

"I felt something around my foot, and it pulled me down a little bit," Maggie said. "I shook my leg as hard as I could to get it off, but it just wouldn't."

Officials have not been able to confirm what species attacked Maggie.

Maggie was treated at Cape Regional Medical Center for her injuries, which reportedly required 6 stitches.

Whenever I write articles about sharks, many reader comments follow with jokes about “Wow, sharks are sighted in the ocean” mocking that this is where they live.

However, at the same time, shark stories are very interesting to cover.

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