You've probably have done this... you go on vacation and one of the first things you do is hit a supermarket to stock-up on food. Usually, your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you buy too much stuff. When your vacation ends and you have a bunch of extra food left over (you really thought you were going to use four boxes of pancake mix in five days?), what do you do with it? Maybe bring some home, maybe leave some stuff for the next renter?

Here's a simple yet brilliant way to get rid of your extra vacation food: donate it.

Several students and teachers from Ocean City Intermediate School have launched a food drive box project that will help their community by encouraging vacationers to drop-off their unused food.

Ocean City Intermediate School’s Building Supervisor Todd Lauer tells, "There was so much leftover food after my vacation and I didn’t know what to do with it. I thought the idea of a donation box would be a great solution to this problem."

Before you head out of town, stop by the Ocean City Intermediate School at 1801 Bay Avenue and drop off non-perishable food in a donation box. The donation box will be checked very frequently and any food will be split between the Community Food Banks in Ocean City and Egg Harbor Township.

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