2019 marks the second anniversary of Gov. Chris Christie legalizing certain fireworks in the Garden State and retailers are more prepared than ever.

Don't get too excited, though. The legislation only legalized backyard ground sparklers. Don't expect to score firecrackers that'll light up the night like the fireworks over Cinderella's castle in Walt Disney World. Those are still banned.

Basically, anything that gets any air whatsoever is still outlawed. So, if you intend on lighting off any contraband, don't be surprised if the fuzz rolls up to your crib and issues you a fine.

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs highlights in detail all the different kinds of trouble you could get in for not following the laws.

The fireworks that are legal are as follows:

  • 1

    Party Poppers and Snappers

    You know the little contraptions that make you pull the string and then confetti plus a little pop spark fly out? Those are legal. So are the little poppers that you throw at the ground. You know, the ones that your parents probably scored illegally back in the day that you used to throw at your cousin's feet at the family barbecue?

    Now, you can legally keep the tradition alive for the next generation.

  • 2

    Smoke Bombs

    Pretty simple, yet not altogether anticlimactic, smoke bombs are easily lit in the yard and emit different color smokes which, combined with other ground sparklers and various different colors, looks really cool.

  • 3

    Jumping Jacks

    Jumping Jack fireworks are lit on the ground and then quickly (and quite literally) start bouncing in all different directions. If you're standing relatively close, you might get caught in a game of tag with a few of them if they bounce in your direction, so as always, use caution.

  • 4

    Cone Fountain

    This bad boy sits on the ground and shoots a fountain of sparkler-looking, well, sparks into the air. It's legal for sparks to leave the ground, just not the base or "device" itself.

  • 5

    Flying Saucers

    These guys are cool. You place it on the ground, light it, and then the thing spins and spins while emitting sparks from the top and all sides. Definitely don't do this one on the grass, folks. That should probably go without saying, but ya know... just in case someone thinks these things plus flammable foliage is a good idea.... it's not. Don't do it.

  • 6

    Drum Fountain

    Save this for your grand finale because this one is definitely one of the best. Sparks, smoke, all sorts of colors - this one is worth waiting for.

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