The process to hire the new Atlantic County Shared Services Coordinator’s position could not have been handled worse by Dennis Levinson.

Frank Formica
Frank Formica

It appears that Levinson’s historic failures in managing the COVID-19 pandemic have now crept into other key decisions.

I have learned and confirmed that the above position was approved back in April, 2020.

Suddenly, (last week) on just 3 hours notice, Levinson sprung this on the Atlantic County Board of Chosen Freeholders and made them the ultimate decision maker.

It’s dirty politics on Levinson’s part and very disrespectful to a co-equal branch of government.

On principle alone, The Freeholder Board should have tabled the matter, pending further investigation.

As it turns out, Levinson could have made the hire all by himself at the administrative level. It was already an approved position.

Instead, Levinson strategically stuck it to The Freeholders, and, now they will have to deal with the political consequences going forward.

It gets worse. Levinson’s choice for the position was former Freeholder Frank Formica.

This is wrong at so many levels.

First, it smacks of political cronyism.

Second, Formica resigned from the Freeholder Board because of his stated conflict of interest due to his political consulting position.

How is Formica now available such a short while later to accept a full-time public position?

Third, it was wrong that Levinson placed this in the lap of the Freeholder Board to handle.

Fourth, if Levinson wanted to give one of his best friends (Formica) a $ 40,000 plus fringe benefits public position ... Levinson should have been willing to take the political heat and handle the hiring himself.

Certain political whisperers are already saying that Levinson is gloating ... because he believes that the Democrats are neutralized on the matter because they voted for Frank Formica to be hired.

Levinson is laughing all the way, because he can say that the Freeholder Board unanimously voted for Formica’s hiring.

And, when Levinson says this, he’ll be telling the truth. It’s also everything that the public despises about politicians today.

Even though a minority of Democrats on the board voted for the Formica hiring, it is the Republicans that will likely pay a political price for it going forward.

Levinson has made it on Santa’s “Naughty List” for committing this circus stunt.

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