Michael Fitzick, the owner of Bakeria 1010, located on New Road in Linwood, New Jersey has confirmed that his last day of operation will be Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

The final day operating hours will be 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., at their current location, located within “The Exchange.”

We have interviewed several customers, who all say that Bakeria 1010 is the best pizza in Southern New Jersey.

In a very emotional social media post, Fitzick shared the following heartfelt message:

Michael Fitzick via Facebook.
Michael Fitzick via Facebook.

It is not hard to find good pizza in South Jersey. It’s plentiful.

What is hard to find is a truly great pizza.

Bakeria 1010 pizza is great. Look at the featured photo above. Note how the peperoni has cooked into a cup shape. This is a perfectly prepared pizza.

One gentle lady customer describes Bakeria 1010 like this:

”Tucked away in a food hall off of the parkway there is an artist at work. It's all about the ingredients and bread.”

A senior elected official from South Jersey said about the bread at Bakeria 1020, ”beyond great. Possibly my favorite ever.”

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Another Bakeria 1010 customer said:

“It’s our favorite. The texture and flavor is just wonderful.”

Another shared …  “Delicious pizza made with love and quality ingredients. I really appreciate their inventive use of toppings.”

Patron Rob said, “it's a great pizza that's light and crispy!”

In his early days, Fitzick was given the opportunity to introduce his great product as a “pop-up shop” on special occasions at Steve and Cookies Restaurant in Margate City, New Jersey.

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 is your last chance to sample Bakeria 1010 … after that, you’ll have to pay a visit to their new location in the City of Brotherly Love.

Bon appétit.

NOTE: Our family intends to enjoy Bakeria 1010 one more time while they’re still in their Linwood, New Jersey location.

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