Police in Linwood are alerting the public about an incident that occurred on the Linwood Bike Path Sunday afternoon.

A young girl was reportedly riding her bike on the path when an unknown man approached the girl.

Police have released this statement:

On Sunday March 7th, at approximately 1:30 PM, a white male with a brown beard, wearing all black, reportedly came in contact with a juvenile female riding her bike on the Linwood bike path between Seaview Avenue and Patcong Avenue (wooded area). The individual reportedly reached for the juvenile and then began to follow her. He followed her on foot while she rode her bike. The male then abruptly stopped and turned around. No words were ever exchanged between the male and the juvenile. This matter is currently under investigation at the time of this release.

Linwood Police released the above statement on Sunday evening. They stress that if anyone has any information about the incident, they should call police, 24 hours a day at (609)927-5252.

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The bike path connects Linwood to Somers Point to the south and Northfield and Pleasantville to the North. The bike bath, is approximately 6.5 miles long and runs parallel to Shore Road. The path, according to Wikipedia, sits on the original path of the Atlantic City and Shore Line Railroad. It started to be converted to a bike bath in the 1970s, and was ultimately finished (the entire path) shortly after 2000. Much of the path is lighted, and runs through residential areas.

SOURCE: Linwood Police Department and Wikipedia.

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