On Thursday, we reported that The United States Attorney's Office has charged four men, including one from Atlantic City, with arson in connection to a riot in Center City Philadelphia on May 30th in which police cars were torched.

From that story, we received the following feedback from a WPG listener.

Thank you for your report. It provides an opportunity to offer my perspective.

If found it very interesting that one of the individuals (Anthony Smith) is an activist in Black Lives Matter Movement and 2 of the 4 indicted are from out of town.

For many months the media has been telling me how peaceful the BLM movement has been, but I knew that was not true from my experience as an early BLM supporter who discovered in 2015 by following social networking posting extremists during riots had hijacked chapters. I also perceived that outside agitators are involved but the media keeps saying there is no evidence.

I am frustrated about the resumption of riots and the way local/state elected officials and the media refer to those who commit violence as protesters and activists.

While I am all for peaceful protests, racial equality and police reform, I am against these violent protests that involve burning, looting, vandalism and injury to others. 30 police officers were injured the first day and more than 20 others since then. 1000 individuals looted the 2nd day and many ATM machines were blown up and 10 individuals shot. The Rule of Law, not mob rule, is needed to insure justice for all. These are not protesters; they are rioters/criminals.

It is past the time for local/state elected officials to stop playing politics with political correctness and start addressing crime.

The order not to arrest looters the 2nd night like defunding the police is a dumb idea. If they hadn't defunded they would have had money to use tasers/stun guns when police are confronted by those with a knife.

And it is past the time for local/state officials and the media to open their eyes and realize the far left-Black Supremacists/Antifa/Marxists is as dangerous as the far right-White Supremacists/Nazis. All these groups spew hate, commit violence and are anti Semitic.

These riots seem to be organized via social networking communication. If so, what group or groups is doing that and who is funding them? Is it the Party for Socialism and Liberation (a marxist party that advocates violence) or Antifa (they advocate violence) or Black Lives Matter (extremists in the organization) or all 3? I wouldn't be surprised if it is all 3.

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