I’m a Spirit Air fan and a fairly regular client, taking full advantage of the convenience of flying from Atlantic City International Airport to Florida.

There were a number of significant Spirit changes announced today, Monday, April 8, 2024.

Both CNBC and the Associated Press filed reports today about major developments involving Spirit Air.

According to CNBC, Spirit is closing its Atlantic City crew base and they further reported that the current Spirit staff will be reassigned.

According to the Associated Press … additionally, Spirit confirmed today that they will defer the delivery of all aircrafts on order from Airbus that were scheduled to be delivered from Q2 2025 through 2026 … they are now scheduled to be delivered in 2030 and 2031.

It all comes down to msking difficult decisions in order to become a profitable company.

Deferring these aircraft gives us the opportunity to reset the business and focus on the core airline while we adjust to changes in the competitive environment, In addition, enhancing our liquidity provides us additional financial stability as we position the company for a return to profitability,

said Spirit President and Chief Executive Officer Ted Christie.

Spirit has also confirmed that they will furlough 260 pilots effective September 1, 2024. The plane deferrals and other issues are the reasons stated for the upcoming furloughs.

Spirit has had to effectively scramble since a federal judge blocked their $ 3.8 billion merger with JetBlue.

The Atlantic City area has been served well for many years by Spirit Air.

I am rooting for their success, because Atlantic City International Airport without Spirit Air would present significant challenges regarding available air travel in the South Jersey area.

SOURCES: Spirit Air, CNBC & Associated Press.

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