A mother who lost her child to a drunk driver in 2004 is now having to go through another painful event, as the long-standing memorial to her son was destroyed by a yet-to-be identified man Wednesday evening.

Donnah Marvel of Somers Point lost her son Nikk in November of 2004. Nikk was a pedestrian killed by a drunk driver on Route 9 (New Road) in Linwood. He was 18-years-old.

UPDATE: Police say charges in the case are now pending. Get more information here.

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Since then, a memorial to Nikk has stood near the accident site. Donnah Marvel says the memorial is paid for by Patti from Shamrock Boat Towing, and the flowers are freshened often thanks to Lang's Garden in Linwood. If you've driven on Route 9 in Linwood, you've probably seen the memorial on the west side of the road.

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Marvel tells us that Wednesday night, just after 6pm, a man was seen pulling his car over near the memorial. He got out and, according to Marvel, "He pulled the cross out of the ground and stomped and kicked everything." The pictures show the memorial totally destroyed. She says, "To completely destroy it is beyond belief. What is wrong with someone who does this?"

Photo Courtesy of Donnah Marvel

Marvel says there were several witnesses to what happened. She says police have the license plate number of the car involved.

As of yet, no word from Linwood police about an arrest or a possible suspect.

The photos indeed show that the memorial was completely destroyed.

What a terrible thing to happen.

If you can help provide police with details on who is responsible, you're urged to contact Linwood Police at (609) 927-5252.

Photo Courtesy of Donnah Marvel

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