Manasquan High School of New Jersey did something that’s much more important than winning a high school basketball state championship.

In case you didn’t know, the Manasquan boys basketball team was robbed by horrendous officiating … which kept them from participating in the Saturday, March 9, 2024 NJSIAA Group II state championship game.

Manasquan actually defeated perennial powerhouse Camden High School 47-46 in the state semi-final, however, the game officials took away a buzzer beating, game-winning basket.

The official score was recorded as a 46-45 victory for Camden.

If you have started to lose faith in our great country for any reason … here is a proud example that the United States of America will be just fine.

The Manasquan boys basketball team attended today’s state championship game … a game that they had won the right to be playing in the game.

Instead, the Manasquan players were relegated to being spectators in the crowd.

Camden won today’s NJSIAA Group II State Championship title.

How did Manasquan react to watching the team that they actually had just beaten, win the state championship that should have been theirs to earn?

The Manasquan players gave Camden a standing ovation. This is just wonderful.

Someone needs to step-up and purchase the beautiful leather style state championship jackets for the Manasquan players and their coaches.

Create great verbiage on the jackets that will memorialize the champions that they have demonstrated themselves to be.

This is one of the greatest examples of sportsmanship that I have ever known.

Congratulations to the Manasquan boys basketball team for your better than championship 2024 season.

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