For reasons unknown to me … The Margate City Commission election decided to bring itself right to the front door of one of my daughter’s home.

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, at approximately 3:30 p.m., what appears to be a woman … wearing jeans, a dark jacket, hood and full dark face covering arrived to my daughter Lauren’s front steps carrying a white envelope with my name written on it and left it in front of the entry door of Lauren’s home.

Note, it was sunny and 74 degrees at the time of this special delivery and the unwanted trespasser was completely covered … nearly head to toe.

Lauren’s video monitoring surveillance system captured the individual, who was trespassing on her property and it also likely captured the automobile that this person was traveling in.

Here is a complete look at the individual in question.

Hurley photo - Saturday, May 6, 2023
Hurley photo - Saturday, May 6, 2023

The envelope contained unflattering collateral material about incumbent Margate City Commissioner Maury Blumberg and his 2 running mates, Michael Collins and Catherine Horn.

I have confirmed that Blumberg, Collins and Horn have nothing to do with this unacceptable and menacing privacy invasion of my Daughter.

I’ve spent the past 31 years covering political campaigns at the local, county, state and national level.

I’m fully equipped to handle whatever comes my way. However, sending a fully masked, winter jacket, hood wearing person to my Daughter’s home is completely unacceptable.

I waited for 24 hours to articulate my response, as not to respond with the anger associated with being an unconditionally loving Father.

I even contemplated saying nothing. However, when I properly processed what had happened to my Daughter … I was left with no choice, but to respond.

I have supported countless strangers over the past 31 years, when they’ve confronted challenges in their lives.

I must stand-up for my Daughter, Lauren here and now.

My Daughter Lauren promptly called me yesterday upon receipt of this white envelope and after reviewing her video surveillance cameras.

She was understandably very upset and felt violated by what had happened on the steps of her own home.

This is your sanctuary … where you are supposed to feel safest.

Lauren did not feel safe and asked me multiple times yesterday, “do you think that they’re going to come back?”

Out of respect for me and my position, Lauren asked me if she could post a comment about what had occurred on her social media page.

I thanked Lauren for her concern about me … but, advised that she should do whatever she wants to do in response to what had occurred at her home.

I’m so proud of Lauren for how she has handled this unsettling occurrence.

Unfortunately for her, I know that it brought back several unhappy times during her childhood … when misguided adults brought their unwarranted grievances to innocent children.

Lauren gave me her unconditional permission to respond to this cowardly act.

This is my response. If I had written it 24 hours ago … it would have been written very differently.

I really love my job and it has brought many blessings to me and my family over the past more than three decades.

Unfortunately, it has also brought unpleasant moments like this.

I want to apologize to Lauren for the invasion of her privacy and the scary incident that she has been subjected to … only because she is my Daughter.

Election Day in Margate is this Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

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