The distinguished public safety careers of Michael Finnerty and Heath Per have been on a very similar trajectory.

Both were promoted from Egg Harbor Township Sergeant to Lieutenant of Police on March 21, 2018.

Former Mayor James J. “Sonny,” McCullough said at the time, “Gentlemen, I can’t tell you how proud we are of what you obtained tonight,” McCullough said, addressing the new police lieutenants. “I’m leaving this year, and I can tell you tonight is one of the proudest nights that I have served this community going on 32 years.”

“Congratulations,” Mayor McCullough added. “I know how hard you’ve worked.”

Last evening, Wednesday, October 20, 2021, Finnerty and Per were promoted to Captain of Police and were officially sworn-in to their new superior officer positions by Egg Harbor Township Mayor Paul Hodson.

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Egg Harbor Township Police Chaplain Michael Heath was on hand and delivered a beautiful and profound prayer during this special promotion ceremony.

Egg Harbor Township Police Captain Michael Finnerty & Family - with EHT Mayor Paul Hodson (left) Facebook Photo

Frank Finnerty, former longtime Egg Harbor Township Committeeman, and Atlantic County Freeholder, as well as Michael’s father, attended his son’s swearing-in as Captain of Police.

Understandably, he beamed with pride for his son.

Former 3 decades-long Egg Harbor Township Mayor McCullough also attended last night’s promotion ceremony.

Egg Harbor Township Police Captain Michael Finnerty & Family - Facebook photo

For more information, visit the Egg Harbor Township Police Department website,

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