Millville's Mike Trout returned to the Angles line-up for the first time since the tragic passing of his brother-in-law and former Millville baseball player Aaron Cox.

Trout, who hasn't played since August 1 due to right wrist inflammation, went 2-for-3 with a triple and a walk Friday in his first game back from the disabled list.

It was also "players weekend" where all the players are able to display some of their personality and wear nicknames on the back of the jerseys. Trout went with "A. COX" on the back of his jersey to honor his late brother-in-law.

Here is what Trout told The LA Times:

“When you lose a family member like that, as close as I was to him, it’s tough,” Trout said. “He was a great kid. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. When it happened, you tell yourself you want to wake up from a dream or a bad nightmare. We’ll get through it. He has a great family. It’s just been a tough couple of days.”

The Angels also paid tribute to Cox, with a moment of silence before their game.

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