The 8 year old MTV show called "Teen Mom" is apparently making it's way back into the spotlight. How it plans to do so? Well, its featuring teen moms from South Jersey and they're calling it 'Teen Mom NJ'.

Twitter to express their concerns about this reboot taking place in New Jersey:

Personally, I have to agree. I come from a very traditional, Christian household-- and I think that a show like this facilitates some sort of logic that "fame" can come behind a premature pregnancy. However, I do understand that situations can happen.  Others suggest that the reboot could help promote awareness:

The show will follow five teenage moms from South Jersey, specifically, according to the gossip site Teen Mom Talk Now. According to the site, there were camera crews from the network at a fair in Cumberland County earlier this summer, following pregnant girls.


To be honest, haven't we learned from MTV's 'Jersey Shore' what TV shows have done to our state?! Can't the madness just stop? MTV, leave us alone!

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