Ocean City is known as “America’s Greatest Family Resort.”

Ocean City was incorporated on March 25, 1897.

They have established many great traditions over the past 126 years.

Not all of these traditions have been officially created by the local government.

Placing decorated Christmas Trees on the beach is one of my absolute favorite Ocean City annual traditions and it was created by the citizens.

They look so great and it’s just so unexpected.

Thanks to Sue Hepner, we can share photographs of four great Christmas trees that were placed on the beach throughout Ocean City this holiday season.

All four photos displayed here below were provided by Sue Kepler.


Here are some of the comments from Sue Kepler’s Facebook Page about the beach Christmas trees. As you will see, there is great appreciation for those who take the time and effort to create these unexpected pop-up Christmas tree displays.

Kathy and Michael Fitzgerald Lyman wrote, “so beautiful .. love the beach trees.”

Nellie-Carson Mattingly said, “I love this so much. Makes my heart happy every year.” This is the perfect sentiment.

Judy Ford Plymouth said, “They are wonderful. I agree thanks to everyone.”

Gig Schaeffer said, “Thanks so much to Sue McElwee who started this beautiful tradition, during covid! She has made so many happy over the years with the North Street Christmas Tree! To see it lit at night is a beautiful thing!”

Karen Crispin said, “Absolutely gorgeous!!! Absolutely amazing.”

Kathe Brown said, “Yes. Great idea. Grateful this happened.”

Joan Venzie Bair wrote, “Awesome.”

Michelle's Jewellery Corner said, “Love this.”

There are other Christmas beach displays. I saw one with painted beach dhelks as a tree skirt and a fabulous Christmas tree made from drift wood.

”Merry Christmas to all … and, to all a good night.”

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