They say, "if you see something, say something." In this case, someone heard something and said something, and that resulted in a man from Linwood being arrested in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Police say on Wednesday afternoon at about 2:45, officers responded to the 2900 block of Sunset Avenue for a report of a burglary in progress. alert neighbor called 911 after hearing glass break and seeing a man enter a house. The man, Shane Hunt, fled the residence before officers arrived with numerous bottles of alcohol.

Hunt fled towards the bay and attempted to conceal himself underneath a boat ramp. He was located by Sergeant Stephen Rando and Officer Alberto Gonzalez and taken into custody without incident.

41-year-old Hunt, of Linwood, has been charged with burglary and theft. He was released on a summons with a future court date.

And on a side note, we quoted the press release from the Atlantic City Police Department directly as it says, "...officers arrived with numerous bottles of alcohol." We're assuming the suspect left with the alcohol and it was not the officers bringing booze to the scene. :-)

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