I have been a huge fan of Stan Weiner’s “Hometown Variety and Framing” store in Absecon, New Jersey for decades.

This iconic throwback store is a local treasure. The store literally appears to have everything. It truly does have a throwback vibe (which I absolutely love) … but, it is also very current … all at the same time.

And, on top of that, it also is an expert framing store. The custom matting, framing and overall creativity displayed by Weiner is outstanding. He’s a consummate professional and an artist.

Stan personally does all of the custom matting and framing work himself. His attention to detail is outstanding.

It’s only because of Stan’s great, long-standing store that I have learned about signage that is currently posted right next door.

To the very left, as you face the “Hometown Variety and Framing” store there is “Coming Soon” sign that reads “Hangover Snack Company.”

Below, see what the new sign and storefront presently look like … this photo is from today:

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

Absecon is a great town. It has a wonderful residential community flavor, coupled with a lot of diverse local business establishments.

The stores that are located on New Jersey Avenue in Absecon make you think about times in America that were much simpler in nature.

It reminds you of a time when community spirit was high and the overall stress level was much lower in this ever challenging game of life.

We don’t have any specific details about when the new store will open.

As we learn more about the new store coming to Absecon, we will update this story.

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