Earlier this week, we advised about the process available to receive free COVID-19 test kits.

Beginning next week, the Biden Administration will start the process of making 400 million N95 face masks available to the American people.

The details remain sketchy, however, these free face masks will come from the federal government's strategic national stockpile, which presently has more than 750,000,000 N95 face masks on hand.

The White House has said that, “...to ensure broad access for all Americans, there will be three (free) masks available per person.“

It has long ago been determined that an N95 face mask provides significantly more protection versus a simple cloth face mask.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said last week that “the best mask is the one that you will wear and the one you can keep on all day long, that you can tolerate in public indoor settings.“

Other details the White House has not specified is the exact type of mask that will be provided for free, whether children’s sized ones will also be available and if the masks can be re-worn or are they one and done?

This will be the largest distribution of free masks by the federal government during the entire COVID-19 pandemic.

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Again, the public information is sketchy at this point. However, it appears that Americans will be able to pick up their three free face masks each at pharmacies and community health centers around the country.

The White House has also confirmed that they will begin shipping the facemasks this week for distribution starting late next week.

SOURCE: The White House and The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

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