Kristopher Chrysanthopoulos may just be 20 years old, but his life just got a whole lot better --  like, a million times better.

On a whim, Kris walked into The Mart on 590 Shrewsbury Ave in Tinton Falls and purchased a Mega Millions ticket instead of his usual scratch-offs. It wasn’t until a few days later that Kris decided to check his lucky ticket.

What started off as a day planned with his dad to discuss summer employment options took a quick turn of events when Kris finally decided to check his lucky ticket.

When Kris and his dad realized that they were holding a winning Mega Millions ticket in their hands they decided to scratch (no pun intended) their lunch plans and head to the nearest lottery retailer they could find to validate the winning ticket and get the prize.

The prize was $1,000,000 and just like that, Kris was no longer stressed about finding summer employment, according to a press release from the New Jersey Lottery.

Kris plans to take his winnings and put them towards a family vacation and put the remainder of the money into his savings for his future.

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